Great Plate Mate is a family business, born from an idea in a pub that unlike other pub ideas, was remembered the next morning and acted upon. When it comes to the work it's mainly Juan, Kim and GB who act as the full time 'plate mates', oh and the office cat, Kanty.

If you're ever looking for us, you'll find us here in the middle of the Irish Sea, on the small but beautiful Isle of Man, which is only 33 miles by 11 and home to about 80,000 people. The Isle of Man is self governing, it is a Crown Dependency with the Queen as the Head of State, but the Isle of Man is not part of Great Britain, the United Kingdom nor is it part of the European Union. The island has truly spectacular coastal scenery, lush green glens and open moorland so visitors can explore, unwind and relax.

So that's us, a small yet beautifully formed Company, on a small and beautifully formed island. But don't take our word for it, come visit, slow down, and as you raise a pint of Bushy's don't forget to say 'shoh slaynt' – 'here's health' in Manx Gaelic.


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